How Will Yuna Be Remembered?

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How Will Yuna Be Remembered?

Yuna's star is shining brighter!

PUBLISHED ON : NOVEMBER 2, 2016 / 12:31 PM

  1. Faith x Music

    Yuna faithfully commits to covering up as a part of her Muslim faith. She admits that it's her personal choice to cover up and it doesn't make her feel oppressed. In fact, she feels free!

  2. The Face for Fashion

    If you check her Instagram, you'll see all the cool fashion collabs she's done so far. She's worked with HATTA DOLMAT, Lisn Up Clothing and more.

  3. Euro Tour

    She took her talents overseas on her European tour, which ended recently. And that's just the beginning!

  4. She Aims To Surprise Fans

    Yuna surprised her fans with an awesome Malaysian single "Pulang." Listen to a snippet below.

  5. Spread Love

    Yuna is featured in the September issue of InStyle mag with an eight-page spread. Go girl!

  6. Vogue Diary Post

    Yuna was able to document her Eid/Raya celebration in Malaysia for Vogue Magazine. The fashion-forward singer kept everyone wanting to know more about her culture and her life.

  7. The Legendary Picnic

    Yuna took the stage alongside beloved band The Roots as well as D'Angelo, John Mayer, Wu-Tang Clan, Nile Rodgers, Swizz Beatz and many more for the The Roots Picnic, NYC-style.

  8. Are You Down?

    Yuna's soft voice is everything you need on a beautiful Saturday morning and Usher's soothing vocals accompanying her is the perfect addition to the already wonderful track "Crush."

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Music Choice)


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