10 Ways to Channel Your Inner Erykah Badu

10 Ways to Channel Your Inner Erykah Badu

We've gleaned a thing or two from queen Erykah Badu, from the power of self-care to using our voice as a tool for change no matter the platform.

Published October 12, 2016

  1. Self-care Queen
    (Photo: Nikisha Brunson via Instagram)

    Make sure you build a self-care practice into your weekly routine. It's essential to remaining zen-like throughout your week and approaching all of life like a queen ready to take it on. Nikisha Brunson, one-half of the Urban Bush Babes and the founder of FolieApothecary, is an advocate of this. You can find her showing us DIY face masks and giving us healing remedies.


  2. Say What You Need to Say
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    Erykah Badu is a woman who isn't afraid of making sure her voice is heard. She'll pick up the microphone and say what's on her heart without even second guessing herself. Her sense of boldness is something to take note of.  

  3. Wear Comfortable Clothing
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    Erykah Badu exudes a sense of cool confidence that is unmatched. She always appears to be comfortable no matter what she chooses to rock — whether she's performing or just simply going about living her best life.

  4. Stay Woke
    (Photo: Jemal Countess/Getty Images for The New York Women's Foundation)

    Erykah Badu is hella woke. On her Twitter you'll find her not only being human, but also tweeting about all things Black Lives Matter. But she doesn't just jump to use the next trending hashtag. She carefully considers everything that is going on.

  5. Celebrate Your Natural Hair
    (Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

    Always celebrate what your mama gave you! From your kinks to your curls, it's all beautiful and all worth celebrating — no matter what stage in the natural hair process you are in.

  6. Take #ASeatAtTheTable
    (Photo: Columbia Records)

    Pull up and claim #aseatatthetable. There's no need to shrink back. There are plenty of women who came before so you wouldn't have to ask permission.

  7. Always be your authentic self
    (Photo: Eryah Badu via Instagram)

    Queen Erykah Badu gives us lessons on keeping it cool. Don't worry about catering to anyone else's narrow mind! Express your authentic self no matter what in whatever way that may mean for you.

  8. Laugh at yourself
    (Photo: Eryah Badu via Instagram)

    Life is too short! Laugh at yourself, laugh with those you love and find joy in the little things.

  9. Love on your sisters
    (Photo: Parkwood Entertainment/Columbia Records)

    This isn't a competition! Embrace your sister and affirm her #BlackGirlMagic. The more we encourage one another, the stronger we will all be.

  10. Turn up for the culture
    (Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc)

    It's OK to grab your girls and go out and have fun! Twerking is even allowed.

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: David Becker/Getty Images for Nu-Opp, Inc)


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