#CouplesGoals: Social Media Couples That Embody #BlackLove

#CouplesGoals: Social Media Couples That Embody #BlackLove

Check out these couples that exude Black excellence and embody #BlackLove!

Published October 24, 2017

There's something about #BlackLove that is beautiful and enchanting. "Cuffin' season" is here but these couples prove their love lasts longer than a season. We got to speak with some couples that embody #BlackLove, exude Black excellence and inspire continuous love. They provided their love stories for us to read and admire. Below are some of our favorite social media couples! Make sure you check out their pages!

  1. Shaq And Drew

    "We met in 2007 during undergrad at Virginia State University while I was majoring in Accounting and He was  Majoring in Manufacturing Engineering. Andrew was in his fifth year and I was just a sophomore. He was sweating me ever since he laid eyes on me.  However, he was moving back to New Jersey and I would be in school for two more years before moving back to Brooklyn. We didn't know how we would make it work, but we did! We spent countless hours on the phone and I came home every chance I got. We have many similar interests like traveling and philanthropy. Our goal when we met was to travel together at least once every year and so far we have. We're not a perfect couple but we're perfect for each other. We're learning so much from each other. We've learned how important it is to have God in our relationship and our lives.  We're learning how to keep our relationship, fun and exciting! Most importantly, we're learning how to compromise. A true partnership to us is about devotion and finding the perfect balance."

    Follow Shaq on Instagram @shaq_will and Drew @drew430.

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  2. Altrichia And Anthony

    "Anthony and I met at the movies during our freshmen year of high school. It wasn’t until the end of our sophomore year that we started dating. Though we grew up on opposite sides of town, our love for each other was true! We continued to date throughout our high school years and though at separate schools, he won homecoming king and I won homecoming queen! It was the cutest, typical football player/cheerleader saga. We had bright futures and were ready to head off to college! Just one month before our high school graduation, though, we learned that I was pregnant.  

    I attended Florida State University while having and raising our son in Tallahassee, Florida. Anthony came to Tallahassee and stayed for one year until our son was six months before attending Compton Community College in Long Beach, California. Though on opposites sides of the country, we co-parented well, pursued our college education and Anthony sent for us or would visit during holidays and off season. He provided financial support and we Skyped daily.  

    After his two years at Compton Community College, he transferred to University of Arizona for the remainder of his college term. With demanding schedules — him with football two-a-day practices and class and me with being a mom, class, work, pledging Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and other extracurricular activities — we broke up.

    We were broken up for five long years. We dated other people and still co-parented our son. I hoped that my family would be restored. In the spring of 2013, we got back together and, moments into 2017, he confessed his love, commitment and aspirations during a surprise New Year's Proposal and asked me to be his wife! Of course I said YASSSSSS!  

    #WilcoxForever wedding will be a true celebration of our love, our love story, our history and our future! We are so excited that we are living our happily ever after, building and working toward greatness as a family! From high school sweethearts to forever! True love and what’s meant to be will always find its way! 

    Follow Altrichia on Instagram @asoimmaculate and Anthony @awilcox863.

  3. Lonni And Mike

    "We met in college Fall 2012, both pursuing our accounting degrees from University of Houston — Downtown. One day, while sitting outside the computer lab, I was approached by the most handsome chocolate man I have ever seen. Interestingly, we chatted for a while until one of my classmates interrupted our conversation notifying us that it was time for class. Michael asked if I had any plans later that day and I responded by letting him know I would be attending an accounting event that evening. Surprisingly, he replied with "OK, I'll stop by." Not knowing that Michael was serious about joining me, I later found out by one of his best friends that Michael stayed a few hours after class, waiting for the accounting event to start just to see me. Unfortunately, I ended up not attending the event that evening. Every time we saw each other in passing around campus, we were always with friends, so we never exchanged contact information. One day, Michael approached one of my line-sisters, who happens to be a mutual friend of ours, and told her how he would like to get to know me and he proceeded to ask her if she would give me his number. After she gave me Michael's number, I contacted him that same night, and we have been inseparable ever since. One of the greatest blessings God could ever gave me. My perfect love story, forever grateful to have my king "Michael Smith."

    Follow Lonni on Instagram @iamlonni and Mike @tattoosby_lue. Also make sure to check out their wedding website lueandlonnisayido.com.

  4. Sopha And Anthony

    I remember when we were just friends, but God saw fit to make us more than that. We both had big dreams. We both wanted to chase after God, get married, buy a home, start a family. You know, have someone to grow old with. We both knew all that we wanted. We began praying together, even started a bible study together. We wanted to grow closer to God . That was our main focus. We weren't sure the outcome of our story, but we knew one thing for sure, we were going to win as many souls to Jesus as possible. Funny how God gave us each other so we could do just that and more. I pray our love for Him always deepens as well as ours. May our fire to keep speaking truth & life to those around us, continue to bring Him nothing but honor & glory. ***************** Here's a few things I've learned through my season of singleness: 1. Don't you ever settle for less. Nor compromise your values for temporary pleasures. 2. Chasing after someone isn't necessary, when you're worth being pursued. 3. Stop staying up late wondering if he/she going to call or text you back, trying to figure if they like you. You deserve someone who wants you & yes, all of you. 4. Stop trying to awaken love when you're not ready. You'll end up opening doors that were meant to stay shut. 5. Singleness isn't a disease & marriage isn't a right. You can still serve God regardless. Doesn't make you any less holy. ‪ 6. Your emotions can lead you astray. Pray for discernment because the enemy knows how to trick you into believing just about anyone, is a God send.‬ FALSE. 7. Kill bitterness before it takes root and causes you to envy and resent the season you're in. 8. Trying to fill voids, whether through a relationship or marriage, will not be satisfied once you get a ring or a title. 9. Forcing something not sent by God will leave you feeling broken & confused. Sometimes even frustrated. ‬What's for you will be for you. 10. Your obedience will be rewarded. If not in this lifetime, it will be in eternity. 11. The tears you've shed, the pain you've felt, the love you desire doesn't mean God doesn't love you. He's just preparing you for His BEST.

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    We didn't get to speak with Sopha, but her love story is something we definitely wanted to support and feature! Check out more on her page @livedeeplyrooted and Anthony's page @rushanthony.

    After my previous relationship before my husband, I was hurt real bad. I promised myself I wouldn't date again unless God flat out told me he was the one I was going to spend forever with. I could say I was hurt, angry, sad, confused, and bitter. I had all these emotions that I let take power over my spirit. It was until I took my focus off my past, and started focusing my eyes wholeheartedly on God. I started journaling heavily. I remember when I would spend hours talking to God about my future husband. I told Him, if my husband doesn't want to serve you with me, I would rather stay single and serve Him by myself lol and I wasn't joking. I needed someone who would have a heart set on winning souls, being a light, & pursuing after Christ with me. I didn't have time for someone who had so called "potential" yet never went beyond that. I knew during my season of waiting, I remember thinking there will never be a man who would wait with me until our wedding day. It's rare I swear, but this man I prayed for 2 years did just that. He knew how valuable it was to me to wait and he chose to honor me in my decision. He waited 3.5 years for me. Yes y'all it's possible. He never questioned me, asked me why, or complained. We did have some weak moments, but my husband strength was incredible. Cause LAWD knows mine wasn't. I'm thankful he treasured me enough to not give in to fleshly desires even though it wasn't always easy. Thankful for a powerful godly man in the season of his waiting. Cause I know for him, it probably wasn't that easy either. It taught us so much, and made our bond special. So when I pray, I thank God for this man daily, even when he drives me crazy. 😂 @rushanthony

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  5. Essie And Maurice

    make everyday a love season 💕

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    Now it wouldn't be an article without a shameless plug of BET content producer Essie Michelle. Her and her boyfriend's love story is one that definitely makes them a social media couple to follow! Follow Essie @ess_lovaa and Maurice @moesulli.

    "We met during our high school years but didn't attend the same school. Maurice was actually my cousin's friend that I had the biggest crush on. I used to spy on him and my cousin while they'd play basketball outside, but Maurice never knew who I was. It wasn't until we met again that I sparked his interest. We officially met in Wildood, New Jersey, during prom weekend. Wildwood was the place all Central New Jersey students went after prom for the weekend, and fortunately for me, our schools' proms fell on the same weekend. We talked during that weekend but nothing transpired as we both went our separate ways.

    On one day in the summer of 2009, I received a Facebook friend request from a familiar face. It was none other than Maurice himself. I approved the request and we started talking. By that time I was gearing up to go off to college so I wasn't paying him too much attention. We'd take on and off for months in the year to come but it wasn't anything more than the traditional "Wyd," "Nothing, wyd" texts. 

    In the summer of 2010, we ended up reconnecting as my cousin and him started hanging out with my brother more. At this time, I'd see Maurice almost everyday and we then started to build our connection. In July 2010, our group of friends all took a trip back to Wildwood for the weekend. It was around his birthday, so I bought him a small gift that he appreciated. It was that moment, back in Wildwood that we decided to take the "talking" stage further and become actual boyfriend and girlfriend! Fast-forward seven years later and we're still going strong. The first couple of years we were in a long distance relationship as he attended Rutgers University in New Brunswick and I attended Temple University in Philadelphia. We helped each other get through college while maintaining our relationship.

    Though we've been through some ups and downs, our relationship stayed strong. Maurice is truly my best friend, lover and confidant. We trust and love each other dearly and are getting ready for a wedding in the upcoming future! He just has to propose first, but we know thats coming soon as well. Haha."


    'Diamonds ain't nothing when I'm rockin' with ya'

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Written by Essie Michelle

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