5 Songs By Faith Evans That Make You Want To Fall In Love

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5 Songs By Faith Evans That Make You Want To Fall In Love

Some songs tug on your heart strings or make you giddy about your crush, Faith Evans has several hits that will make you feel in the mood to love somebody.

Published October 25, 2018


    Faith sings on a love much like a fairy tale; a love that makes you feel like you're on top of the world, living in ecstasy. Every touch, feeling and moment becomes a blissful page in your love story.

    Snippet of lyrics:

    Can't believe my eyes
    I don't know what to do
    I can't believe that you are mine
    Nor that I'm lying here with you
    And I can't believe you're making love with me
    And I'm making it with you

  2. I Love You

    Have you ever had a crush that you dream will finally realize that you're 100 percent bae-material? Faith sings of that type of puppy love, falling hard and fast for someone because you see all that they have to offer and want nothing more than to have them in your life. Maybe if Faith was to do a modern-day remix, she'd probably ask, "Does your #MCM know that he's your #MCM?"

    Snippet of lyrics:

    First time I saw your face
    My heart just erased
    All the guys I knew
    Before you walked into my life
    I was the type to never want for nothing

  3. Love Like This

    This 90s love bop has a special place in the hearts of many millennials who grew up hearing this record at every cookout, party and roller rink across America. Since then, it's become an upbeat soundtrack for young lovers to jam to and remind each how bomb their "forever" love really is.

    Snippet of lyrics: 

    If we can work together
    Maybe this could last forever
    This is something that I wanna hold on to
    So baby, try to understand

    Baby, try to understand
    I'll be crazy if you leave (crazy)
    'Cause you compliment my style

  4. Never Gonna Let You Go

    If Babyface had anything to do with it, you know it's going to make the love song list! "Never Gonna Let You Go" is a wishful confessional, one that many girls make when they day dream about their crush/bae and how much emotion they feel for them.

    Snippet of lyrics:

    If I had one wish, boy
    I'd wish you next to me
    And it could be in summer, fall, or spring, boy
    'Cause you make my heart sing
    I wanna give my heart, my soul, my love to you, oh baby, yeah
    'Cause every day I'm not with you, I'm missing you like crazy

  5. Caramel Kisses

    #BLACKLOVE wins again, as Faith declares in "Caramel Kisses" how the lips of her Black boo leave her hot and wanting more. We can all relate!

    Snippet of lyrics:

    You made my heart melt the other day
    When we laid by the fire in the middle of May
    It was so romantic I'll say
    When you gave me your love in your caramel way

    Caramel kisses you send my way
    I won't complain, just don't go away (kiss me)

Written by BET Staff


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