About 'Tales'

A one-hour anthology series that distills classic hip-hop records and reimagines them as cinematic love letters.

"Tales" episode 106 - 99 Problems. Rhyon Nicole Brown as Germaine and Peyton Alex Smith as Miles. (Photo: BET)

Meet The Cast Of Ep. 6 of 'Tales,' '99 Problems'

Rhyon Nicole Brown


(Photo: BET)

Rhyon Nicole Brown stars as college student and Black Lives Matter organizer Germaine, who fights the good fight to expose a racist mayor. 

Peyton Alex Smith


(Photo: BET)

The Quad star Peyton Alex Smith plays Miles, an expelled student who also happens to be a ringleader of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Charles Malik Whitfield


(Photo: BET)

Charles Malik Whitfield plays an ex-con in charge of the Black Lives Matter safe house. Blue is a leader in the projects, but he's wary and careful never to take too many chances.