A List of Eight 90's Rap Songs That Throw Up a Middle Finger to the System

Eight 90's Rap Tracks That Reflect Black Unrest Today

A List of Eight 90's Rap Songs That Throw Up a Middle Finger to the System

"If you don't understand us and understand what we've been through, then you probably wouldn't understand what this moment is about." - Master P.

PUBLISHED ON : JUNE 29, 2017 / 12:00 PM

  1. 'I Wanna Kill Sam' by Ice Cube

    "Now in ninety one, he wanna tax me/I remember, the son of a b***h used to axe me/And hang me by a rope 'til my neck snapped/Now the sneaky motherf**ker wanna ban rap."

  2. 'F**k tha Police' by N.W.A

    "A young n***a got it bad ‘cause I'm brown/And not the other color, so police think/They have the authority to kill a minority..."

  3. 'Fight the Power' by Public Enemy

    "Mother f**k him and John Wayne/Cause I'm Black and I'm proud/I'm ready and hyped plus I'm amped/Most of my heroes don't appear on no stamps."

  4. 'Sound of da Police' by KRS-One

    "Are you really for peace and equality?/Or when my car is hooked up, you know you wanna follow me/Your laws are minimal/‘Cause you won't even think about lookin' at the real criminal/This has got to cease/‘Cause we be getting hyped to the sound of da police."

  5. 'Teach the Children' by Eric B and Rakim

    "They wanna go to war, more wars to come/But most of us fight more wars than one/Discrimination in the racial nation/While they destroy our strong foundation."

  6. 'Paint the White House Black' by George Clinton Featuring Pupa Curley, MC Breed, KAM, Yo-Yo, Public Enemy, Ice Cube and Dr. Dre

    "Colors don't clash, people just do/Color me happy next to you/Aww, just like it should, there goes the neighborhood/That is what they'd have us believe."

  7. 'Banned in the U.S.A.' by 2 Live Crew

    "We've got white-collar people trying to grab our style/Saying we're too nasty and we're 2 Live/Corrupted politicians playing games/Bringing us down to boost their fame."

  8. 'I Want to Talk to You' by Nas

    "I wanna talk to the man, understand?/Understand this motherf**kin G-pack in my hand/Look what happened to San Fran/Young girl hit by policeman."

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