These Ice Cube Facial Expressions Apply to Every Moment in Life

24 Ice Cube Faces That Apply to Every Life Moment

These Ice Cube Facial Expressions Apply to Every Moment in Life

Stuntin' in the club? There's an Ice Cube face for that!

PUBLISHED ON : JUNE 12, 2017 / 09:56 AM

  1. when you post your first vacay pic on the 'gram
  2. when she/he catches you in a lie
  3. When you see ya man's for the first time in mad long
  4. when your best friend wins
  5. when you're about to fall asleep in a big meeting
  6. when that income tax check comes in
  7. when you see your arch nemesis and ride through to stunt
  8. when you hear some ignorant s**t


  9. when you're about to go awf
  10. when you're about to roll up on somebody and they don't even know it
  11. when your co-worker acts like they didn't get your last email
  12. when the whole office puts respek on your name
  13. when you read out loud in front of the class and pronounce all the big words right
  14. when you walk up on the set looking fresh
  15. when you're about to get turnt
  16. when you see your auntie and uncle fighting, but you're too cool to get involved
  17. when we first heard Solange's album
  18. when your family moves to a new neighborhood and you want everybody to know you're 'bout that life
  19. when bae takes too long to give you the password to their phone
  20. when your fave song comes on in the club
  21. when it's your birthday and you dare anyone to try to ruin your day
  22. when you and your homeboy/homegirl get ready for the pre-game
  23. when the photographer takes too long to take the group shot with you and your best friend
  24. when you're really not listening to bae, but you act like you are

Written by Naiquan Greene

(Photo: Lench Mob Records/EMI)


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