About The Carmichael Show

About The Carmichael Show

About The Carmichael Show

"One family. Lots of opinions."

Published March 2, 2016

The Carmichael Show follows Jerrod Carmichael (played by himself) and his girlfriend, Maxine (played by Amber Stevens West), move in together and try to make it in the city. 

While Maxine and Jerrod do their best to keep their heads above water, Jerrod's family is alway there to give their two cents. Insert Jerrod's dad, Joe Carmichael (played by David Alan Grier), mom, Cynthia Carmichael (played by Loretta Devine), and brother, Bobby Carmichael (played by Lil' Rel Howery). You've got a recipe for unfiltered opinions and sometimes inappropriate hi-jinks. 

Can Maxine and Jerrod manage boundaries and their love and keep their sanity all at the same time? 

(Photo: Matthias Clamer/NBC)

Written by BET-Staff


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