5 Things to Remember Before Going to a Comedy Show

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5 Things to Remember Before Going to a Comedy Show

Never been to a comedy show before? We've got you covered with what you need to know.

Published September 25th

  1. choose your seat wisely
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    Pick your seat wisely. Going to a comedy show is not for those who tend to take things personal. If you're sitting at the front of the room, it is likely that you may get picked on to get made fun of. Whether it be for what you're wearing or what you look like, this is possible. Some comedians have a habit of walking around during their show or picking whoever is in plain sight, others just stick to the script. 

  2. drink minimum
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    If you peeped our listicle on the Top 5 Comedy Clubs in NYC, you noticed that there are drink minimums at a lot of comedy clubs. Be sure you bring some cash with you so that you don't run into any problems before, during or after the show.

  3. do your research
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    Make sure you do your research on the comedian you picked. If you don't like surprises, you're going to want to learn a little bit about what to expect from them. If not, walking into a comedy show and learning about random comedians you've never seen before is a great way to learn about the comedy culture! 

  4. dress code
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    Some places are more jazzed up than others. If you don't want to feel totally awkward when you walk in, make sure you're dressed for the venue. Most comedy club site gallery images can give you a good idea of what feel and look to go for. 

  5. no phone rule
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    Many comedians (such as Dave Chapelle) are known for having a no phone rule. It's best to just go ahead and enjoy the moment, you don't want to be called out for having to use technology at a place that's supposed to make you laugh. Remember, just go and have fun! 

Written by Milena Toro

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