7 Times White Terry Got Played By The Crew

"The Comedy Get Down" episode 106 - White Terry. (Photo: Lara Solanki/BET)

7 Times White Terry Got Played By The Crew

Oh poor White Terry, hasn't he earned the stripes to be called by his name? We secretly think he likes it!

Published November 17th

  1. Renamed

    First and foremost, let's recall why he's called "White Terry". The guys don’t even bother learning his real name (Jeff) because they expect their former roadie Terry (who is Black) to come back any day now. But he’s not. However, they’ll soon come to find out that White Terry is smart, aims to please and is full of surprises.

  2. Pie Delivery Man

    Remember when Charlie sent White Terry across the other side of the world to find his favorite pie? When he got back he got the order wrong and guess what? Charlie sends him right on back to get it right. White Terry gets trained “the Charlie way” on how things work on The Comedy Get Down tour.

  3. Conspiracy Classes?

    Eddie and White Terry make a detour to a conspiracy theorists’ meeting where it turns out that Eddie is the guest speaker. The patience it takes to sit through one of Eddie's meetings within itself is just torture. 

  4. Keith over terry

    On tour, Charlie and Eddie become friendly with Keith, the bus driver, who they quickly treat better than White Terry. 

  5. custom suits

    Okay, wait what? How'd they flip the script. Remember the time White Terry had to throw on George's Mexican Drumline suit, the one that was gifted to him by Cedric as a prank? 

  6. golf slave

    Well damn, remember the time Charlie told Terry he could come with the crew on their trip but he'd have to carry the golf clubs? THEN he got called "A White Slave"?

  7. mashup

    We're ending this one on a mashup of all of the above. Check out White Terry on this Comedy Get Down clip. 

Written by BET Staff


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