8 Calm Things To Do In Miami That Are Actually Fun

Miami Beachfront (Photo by Hoberman Collection/UIG via Getty Images)

8 Calm Things To Do In Miami That Are Actually Fun

The "Comedy Get Down" guys might not know how to chill out in Miami, but here are some tips for those of you that do!

Published November 10, 2017

  1. Wynwood Walls

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    This unique outdoor destination features walls full of colorful street art by artists from around the globe.

  2. Miami Beach Botanical Gardens

    The Miami Botanical Gardens is a four-acre site with native Floridian and other tropical plants, Japanese garden, workshops and exhibits.

  3. South Beach

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    South Beach is known for its beaches and the glamorous scene is surrounded by nightspots and celebrity chef eateries. The beach is great during the day time with tents and umbrellas available for day rentals. Bring cash! 

  4. Miami Children's Museum

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    If you've got kids, Miami Children's Museum is where it's at! This is a $25 million complex for kids with hands-on exhibits, classes, a cruise ship replica and music studio.

  5. Jungle Island

    Who says the zoo is just for kids? Jungle Island is home to nearly 3,000 animals, birds and plant species. This destination is known for its incredible petting zoo and trails.

  6. Star Island

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    Best known for its luxury homes, Star Island is a neighborhood of South Beach in the city of Miami Beach on a man-made island in Biscayne Bay, Florida. The island is south of the Venetian Islands and just east of Palm and Hibiscus Island and is home to some of the biggest celebrities. Its been the location to many popular Miami movies like Scarface, 2 Fast 2 Furious and Bad Boys 2.

  7. Miami Jet Ski

    If your looking for adventure, Miami has plenty of places to jet ski! While you're at it, you might as well buy a package deal to swim with dolphins! 

  8. Pool at Fountainebleu

    For a super relaxed day, take a dip in the pool and chill at the cabanas at the Fountainebleu Miami Beach hotel. You can order bottle service and get some sunshine. Prices are available here

Written by Milena Toro

(Photo: Hoberman Collection/UIG via Getty Images)


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