Our Favorite Moments From 'The Comedy Get Down'

"The Comedy Get Down" episode 101 - D.L. Hughley, Cedric the Entertainer, and Ice Cube. (Photo: Lara Solanki/BET)

Our Favorite Moments From 'The Comedy Get Down'

In case you missed it, here are some of our favorite clips!

PUBLISHED ON : DECEMBER 12, 2017 / 06:00 AM

  1. Will The Guys Lose Their Sponsorship For The N-Word?

    Corporate suit men try to censor the crew and they don't like it.

  2. Wait, Did An Old People Porno Just Happen In D.L.’s Room?

    D.L. walks into a couple making out in his room. But is it actually his room?!

  3. The Make A Wish Teen Theo Thinks D.L. Is Acting Like A Little B***h!

    Charlie questions D.L. about why he’s being so nice to a kid that’s mean to him.

  4. Cedric The Entertainer Gets Cornered Into Throwing A Pizza Party

    So, how did this happen?

  5. D.L. Picks The Lakers Over Double Date Wifey Time With Cedric

    The wives are up to no fun and D.L. wasn’t having any of it.

  6. Hold Up! Are The Guys On The Same Page About This Suit?

    Cedric gifts George with a “cultured” suit and he tries his hardest to beat around the bush.

  7. Is The Crew Going To Have A Frat House Or Stay At Ed’s?

    Ed offers his house to the crew instead of the hotel, but Ced isn’t with it.

  8. Lookie Here, Charlie – Brothers Help Brothers Out, Right?

    The crew tries to convince Charlie that he needs to love on his sugar mama as a returned favor.

Written by Milena Toro


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