'The Game' Cast & Info

Wendy Raquel Robinson as Tasha Mack

(Photo: BET)

Loud. Brash. Caring. Nurturing. Tasha Mack is the quintessential lioness willing to do anything to protect her #SabersNation friends and family. Oh, and get to the bags!

Hosea Chanchez as Malik Wright

(Photo: The CW/Scott Humbert /Landov)

Malik is the outlandish football star of the Sabers who has no filter and no regard for anyone but himself. Will he ever learn?

Brittany Daniel as Kelly Pitts

(Photo: BET)

Kelly Pitts's materialism knows no bounds. In her defense, though, she's grown to appreciate those around her and their value to her life. Wonder how long this will last. 

Coby Bell as Jason Pitts

(Photo: BET)

There's more to life than the "Pittsy Shuffle" and winning awards. Jason soon has to make some tough decisions about who will win his heart. Let's hope he uses his brain this time. 

Brandy Norwood as Chardonnay Pitts

(Photo: BET)

Chardonnay doesn't hold anything back. Clearly that's what Jason needs in the world of football, where most things are unreal. Can Chardonnay change Jason for the better? Or will she realize that she needs to make a few changes for herself? 

Jay Ellis as Bryce Westbrook

(Photo: Picturegroup/BET)

Bryce is young, unattractive and has a pretty good head on his shoulders. Is there anything that can get him off his game?

Lauren London as Kiera Whitaker

(Photo: BET)

A former child star, Kiera knows all about acting as though she doesn't care about much. The one thing she cares about though is making her transition into life as an adult, and that includes taking on a role she's never prepared for: being in love. Will her performance be Oscar-worthy? 


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