The Game and Let's Stay Together Season Premieres

The Game and Let's Stay Together Season Premieres

The Game and Let's Stay Together are ready to shake things up once again.

Published February 26, 2014

They're back!

The Game and Let's Stay Together return for another season packed full of high-volume thrills, non-stop drama and, of course, undeniable hilarity.

Last season of The Game ended with Malik severely beaten, another split between Blue and Keira, an epiphany for Jason and a reconciliation for Tasha Mack. A small amount of time has passed for all parties, but it becomes apparent that there are some open wounds that still have yet to be patched up. Will our favorite family of footballers finally get it together? Or will they lose control of "the game"? Find out in the March 4 10P/9C premiere!

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Immediately following the special hour premiere of The Game is the kick-off of a brand new season of Let's Stay Together at 11P/10C. The series will return to its regularly scheduled time of 10:30P/9:30C the following week.  

The new season promises to answer fans' burning questions: Did Darkanian and Crystal really get married? Are there babies in Stacy's and Charles's future? Will Jamal emerge from his mid-life career crisis funk with Tasha by his side? Can Kita put down her big guns and fall in love with Troy? The love may have never left, but it seems the Whitmores and the Woodsons may need some help keeping it all together or, better yet, staying together in this new season.

Find out what happens by tuning in March 4 at 10P/9C for the season seven premiere of The Game and at 11P/10C for the season four premiere of Let's Stay Together!

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Written by Jordan "YR" Yue and Naiquan Greene


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