Gary Owen

Not only is Gary successful on stage, his family life at home is accomplished as well. Gary was born and bred in a trailer park in Cincinnati, Ohio where he currently resides in an 11,000 sq. foot home in an affluent suburb (not exactly a trailer park) with his wife Kenya and their 3 children, Emilio (21), Austin (15) and Kennedy (14). Gary finds the humor in his every day life and translates those events into his comedy act on stage, often embarrassing his wife and kids in the process. Gary makes jokes out of everything and is hard to be taken seriously when real life decisions need to be made; however, he is all in when he is passionate about something and once he commits, he doesn’t let anything get in his way. Gary is a great husband, provider, and father to his family, despite not having the best up brining or role models. Life hasn’t always been easy for Gary and he has and continues to work hard and fight for everything that he has today.

Kenya Duke Owen

Originally from Oakland, California, after 13 years in Cincinnati, Kenya has evolved into a Midwest housewife. She is the disciplinary in the household and the one who keeps order and structure in the family. While Gary is off joking around with the kids, Kenya is the one who follows up on the kids’ school work, makes sure they stay in a routine, and attend church every week. She tries to make everyone in the family happy even if she has to compromise some of herself. Kenya doesn't have a lot of friends, instead choosing to take an active role in her kids lives, often smothering them in the process. Although she often finds herself living in Gary’s shadow, Kenya never shies away from speaking her mind or sharing her opinion. When Kenya wants something, Kenya gets it. She is currently buying properties and flipping them, often without Gary’s knowledge, and is more than ready to start exploring the next chapter in her life.

Emilio Toliver

Emilio is Kenya’s oldest child from her previous marriage, but in Gary’s mind, Emilio is his son-- they do not use the word step in their house. After turning 21, Emilio decided it was to time to move out of Gary and Kenya’s house and start a life of his own. Emilio is quiet and reserved but a solid role model for Austin who he has a strong bond with. Kenya is constantly harping on Emilio about his life choices including cutting his dreads and finding direction in his life. She tries to sneak in her two cents often, but there is a good chance he either will not listen or doesn’t care enough to acknowledge what she is saying. Emilio is still trying to figure out what he wants to do with his future but is happy with just letting life unfold.

Kennedy Owen

Gary and Kenya’s only daughter, Kennedy, is 14-years-old and preparing to start her freshman year of high school. Definitely the most combative member of the family, Kennedy resents how fair-skinned she is and wishes she were blacker. She also has a huge obsession with Latino culture and is currently learning to speak Spanish and considering changing her name to Kennedy de silva Santos. Kennedy has goals of being a missionary and saving the world, but her mom thinks being a missionary is a weekend hobby, not a job, and encourages her to pursue a career in something that is going to make her REAL money. Even though she’s interested in missionary work, Kennedy also enjoys the perks and the finer things in life, which is part of the reason her mom thinks she won’t last for more than a week in a third world country. Kennedy is more rebellious than she appears, especially to her parents, and although she appears to have a strong relationship with Kenya, she really doesn’t think her mom or dad know her or understand her at all.

Austin Owen

Gary and Kenya’s middle child, Austin, is your average15-year-old teenage boy; distracted by friends, video games, and sports and getting taller by the second. Austin lives in the moment; he is a day to day kind of guy. Although known to his friends as the class clown and likely to be voted funniest kid at his high school, Austin is a totally different person around his family. Although he often appears unemotional, Austin has a heart of gold and is very sensitive. He is extremely over protective of Kenya-- to the point that it sometimes embarrasses her-- and even calls his grandmother every night to make sure that she is ok. Austin is often manipulative when it comes to getting what he wants and uses his charm to get his mom to cave. One of his main daily goals involves figuring out a way to bribe his parents into letting him get back to his x-box, which he usually handles with no problem.

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