ICYMI: Road Trippin'

ICYMI: Road Trippin'

Check out these photos from the Owen family road trip!

Published October 27, 2016

  1. Let's Roll!
    (Photo: BET)

    Gary got some new hot wheels. Now it's time to grab the fam and hit the road!

  2. Don't Mess with Kenya
    (Photo: BET)
  3. Somebody's Gotta Drive
    (Photo: BET)

    Gary is putting the pieces together for the big family trip. He's got the RV, now its time to recruit a driver.

  4. The Rules of the Road
    (Photo: BET)

    Kenya lays down the rules of the road. Rule No. 1: No blowing up the bathroom.

  5. Bombs Away
    (Photo: BET)

    Austin has problem with rule No. 1. He's got a plans to do some major damage in the RV's bathroom.

  6. Guess Who Got a Boo
    (Photo: BET)

    Kennedy has a secret boo, but will her parents approve?

  7. Kenya's Got the Tea
    (Photo: BET)

    Kenya tells Gary about their daughter's secret texting boo. Gary is going to put an end to this!

  8. Daddy Daughter Talk
    (Photo: BET)

    The family makes it to Niagara Falls. Gary steps up to the plate and handles is fatherly duties by explaining to Kennedy why she needs to stop texting her 17-year-old boo.

  9. No Passport, No Enrty
    (Photo: BET)

    Gary is the worst! Who travels all that way and forgets to bring their passport?!

  10. Gary Gets Creative
    (Photo: BET)

    Even though Gary couldn't make it into Canada with his family, he decided to get creative and join in on the adventure via FaceTime.

  11. Time to Zipline!
    (Photo: BET)

    Kenya and the kids enjoy an experience of a lifetime as they zipline in Canada!

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