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4 Urban Young Adults are stuck on the side of the road on a very dark night, waiting for help. To pass the ;me they tell ghost stories, reminiscing on the best urban legends. A young man appears and offers his assistance. We’ve all been warned to never talk to strangers...

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"The Last One" episodic image. (Photo: Tim Brown/BET)

Meet The Cast Of BET's New Digital Original Series 'The Last One'

Perri Camper


Gabby's pretty, confident, sassy and, as a criminology major has no time for urban legends. When she and her friends find themselves in the middle of one, she isn't phased…but something may make her a believer.

Trevon Davis


Rashan's fun-loving and energetic with one thing on his mind, Aisha. When they get stranded, he thinks it's a perfect opportunity for some alone time, but they’re not alone…

Morgan Alexandria


Aisha knows how to make the best of a bad situation and her instincts are always on point. When she hears something amiss, she knows exactly what to do. But will it be too late?

Stephen Barrington


(Photo: Katherine Kirkpatrick)

Leave it to Cameron to say what's on everyone's mind. The leader of his crew, he’s fearless. But where did he lead them and how will he and his friends survive?

Kirk Brown

The Hitchhiker

(Photo: Robert Mannis)

This "good Samaritan" offers help to the kids when their car breaks down but he may not be what he seems…