If Gucci Songs Were About Marriage

LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 21:  Gucci Mane attends the Los Angeles Premiere Of "Can't Stop Won't Stop" at Writers Guild of America, West on June 21, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Jerritt Clark/Getty Images)

If Gucci Songs Were About Marriage

The wedding bells are quickly approaching. October 17, here they come!

Published October 11, 2017

  1. I Know I Love Her

    Now that Gucci is getting married, he doesn't "think" he loves her anymore, he knows. After seven years, Gucci was finally ready to put a ring on it!

  2. I'm a Groom

    Here comes the groom! Do you think there will be Gucci gangsta tears drippin' down his face as Keyshia walks down the aisle. Be sure to find out on the big day, October 17 at 10P/9C only on BET! 

  3. Faithful Girl

    She might still be freaky, but Keyshia gets it poppin' as a wife. Keyshia has been faithful through all the trials and tribulations, no pun intended! 

  4. Wife it Up

    Keyshia makes the perfect bride. She's a ride or die, and is beautiful inside and out. The chemistry that Keyshia and Gucci have is something only they can understand. He's wifin' it up! 

  5. I Get the Ring

    Gucci may still get the bag, that's for sure, but that ring?! Oh yeah, Gucci got that on lock. Diamonds shinin'!

  6. Steady Married

    All these years are sure confirmation that Gucci and Keyshia will stand the test of time. Others may have failed at marriage, but we're positive Gucci and Keyshia will be steady married. 

  7. 1st Day Wed

    "1st Day Wed" would be self explanatory, a day about his first day wed. And, well, we don't mean to shamelessly plug again (jk you know we do) but you can see how the first day wed goes on the new series "The Mane Event: Keyshia Ka'oir and Gucci Mane"! 

  8. My Wife

    He'll walk around the city like "it don't mattaaaa" and can't nobody try Keyshia cause "they know betta." Keyshia's always been wifey, but now it's becoming official! 

  9. Wopsters Time

    Swiss at the wedding: "I need everybody to report to the dance floor, the world is very different now, you know why? Because it's wopster time!!!" 

  10. Making Love to Keyshia

    First comes the ring, then comes the wedding, then comes the baby and the baby carriage. 

Written by Milena Toro


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