5 Wedding Proposals That Will Make You Cry

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5 Wedding Proposals That Will Make You Cry

Get the tissue box, we think you'll need it for this one.

Published October 26, 2017

  1. Married and Wed in a Day

    Our favorite pick is a man planning a wedding from Pinterest, proposing and getting married in the same exact day. The suspense builds when his future bride has no idea that she's getting married and her flight gets canceled.

  2. Movie Proposal

    A man asks his future wife to watch a movie that he's in. At the end, though, it's just what you expected...a proposal! 

  3. Photoshoot Proposal

    Future wifey thinks she's in for a beautiful couples photoshoot. She is, but the catch is that, when she turns around, the ring is out! 

  4. Beyoncé Concert Proposal

    Beyoncé paused her performance of "Single Ladies" so backup dancer John Silver could put a ring on it by proposing to her dance captain.

  5. Bulls Dancer Surprise

    At a Bulls game, Chicago Luvabull Ariana was surprised by her teammates and boyfriend when their dance routine turned into a proposal.

Written by BET Staff


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