10 Wedding Lights Of Your Dreams

Jar candles to illuminate wedding party. (Photo: claudiio Doenitz/Getty Images)

10 Wedding Lights Of Your Dreams

If you're looking for lighting that will bring your wedding to life, check this out!

Published November 7, 2017

  1. Lantern String Lights

    Candles, string lights, light bulbs, colored lights and lanterns all create ambience. 

  2. Christmas Lighting

    This 500-person Christmas wedding managed to feel every bit as cozy, with warm touches that celebrate the holiday season.

  3. Twinkle Lights

    Twinkle lights can create any type of mood, from festive to elegant to magical.

  4. Suspended Floral Geo Shapes

    These mossy little arrangements have geometric shapes outlined with fairy lights.

  5. Light the Path

    An inexpensive way to add fairy tale feels to your wedding!

  6. Globe Bulbs

    Globe bulbs and flowers are a beautiful way to create the best ambience. 

  7. Bar Lights

    These unique wedding bar setups are a sure way to add some flare to the wedding.

  8. Mixed lighting

    You can never do too much with outside lighting. From table decorations to centerpieces and backdrops, do it up!

  9. mason jar Chandeliers

    An inexpensive way to create a delicate and elegant look with lighting. 

  10. Dance floor lighting

    Dance floor lighting not only sets a great mood, but also draws attention to the most important people of the night!

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: claudiio Doenitz/Getty Images)


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