Best Viral Wedding Dance Videos

Newlywed african descent couple dancing wedding celebration

Best Viral Wedding Dance Videos

Published November 30, 2017


    You would've thought this girl was a back up dancer for Beyonce herself. Her man didn't even know what do with himself but sick back and smile and we love it!!

  2. GroomsMen Hip Hop Dance

    Hip-hop anyone? These guys have got their dance moves down. 

  3. Katy & Jeff's EPIC Wedding Dance

    Sis is immersed in the culture, the family accepts! You can't tell her nothing!

  4. salsa dance

    Outfit changes and all, this couple has got some real choreographed moves down. Can't you tell they practiced for months?

  5. best wedding dance ever

    Talk about rhythm, this couple has it! We love the way they vibe off of each other, and those outfits are everythingg! 

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Rawpixel/Getty Images)


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