10 Most Famous Wedding Photographers

Mixed race photographer using laptop in studio. (Photo: JGI/Tom Grill/Getty Images)

10 Most Famous Wedding Photographers

From London to Seattle and so much more, check out these awesome photographers!

PUBLISHED ON : DECEMBER 19, 2017 / 11:23 AM

  1. Branco Prata

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    From: Porto, Portugal
    Website: http://www.brancoprata.com/


  2. Benji Haisch

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    From: Seattle, USA
    Why: http://benjhaisch.com/

  3. Cinzia Bruschini

    From: London, England
    Website: http://www.cinziabruschini.com

  4. danelle bohane

    From: Auckland, New Zealand
    Website: http://danellebohane.com/portfolio/

  5. Dan O' Day

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    From: Canberra, Australia
    Website: http://www.danodayphotography.com.au/

  6. Eric McVey

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    From: California, USA
    Website: http://www.erichmcvey.com/

  7. James Day

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    From: Sydney, Australia
    Website: http://www.daylight.com.au/

  8. Jana Williams

    From: California, USA
    Website: http://jana-williams.com/

  9. Jonas Peterson

    From: Byron Bay, Australia
    Website: contact.ebay.com

  10. Look Fotografia

    From: Zaragoza, Spain
    Website: http://www.lookfotografia.com/

Written by Milena Toro

(Photo: JGI/Tom Grill/Getty Images)


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