Rap Recap: Episode 7 of 'The Mane Event'

"Gucci Mane & Keyshia Ka'oir: The Mane Event" episode 107 - Keyshia Ka'oir. (Photo: Jeff Daly/BET)

Rap Recap: Episode 7 of 'The Mane Event'

We've got a wrap-up of each episode of "The Mane Event." Missed episode 7? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Published November 29th

Our bride-to-be has five weeks left until her big day

But the stress from her friends keeps getting in the way

So Keyshia decides to forget about it and have fun wig shopping

Cause of course her bachelorette party hair has to be poppin’


There’s a big storm that may stand in the way

Rumor has it that Hurricane Irma did not come to play

Gucci wants to protect his lady

Call a jet and get her to safety

Keyshia, her mom and ‘em have every intention of staying together

Cause the Wopster mansion can withstand the weather

Even though Keyshia and Gucci’s house is intact

Other people were majorly affected along with vendors, in fact


The designer of the bridemaids dresses had to exit stage right

Now Keyshia’s got another thing to deal with but first, she’s taking a flight

The girls meet in Vegas with Amina as host

She’s got a lot planned like a Mascarade party and champagne toast

Shekinah jokes on Erica who is boring as hell

So she’s got a prescription for her to get out of her shell

Erica needs some wood in her life, according to shekinah

But more importantly, Keyshia sets Amina straight so they can leave all the fighting behind them


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Written by Kirsten Carter


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