Wives Share Their Best Advice For Future Wifeys About Marriage

Wives Share Their Best Advice For Future Wifeys About Marriage

These wives share what keeps their marriages going strong!

Published November 17, 2017

  1. Listen to your partner

    "Marriage is all about being understanding and listening more in order to honor your covenant. Don't be impulsive when you speak and don't debate just because you want to be right. There's more to gain from listening and praying than there is debating to prove your point."

  2. make time

    "Love each other and always make time for one another. Remember to be each other’s priorities. Be sure to resolve your problems and never go to bed angry. Communication, trust, love and commitment is the key to an everlasting marriage."

  3. keep building

    "As magical as it may seem, relationships and marriage isn't always a walk in the park. Being married is a time where your life is full of love, but there are also rough patches. You learn to work with each other for a lifetime and the excitement of changes in your life such as bringing a child into the world keeps the love overflowing. Enjoy your time with your loved one and always remember that you chose to spend your life with them forever for a reason."

  4. compromise

    "If somebody really loves you and cares for you they will be willing to grow and make changes. Not personality or who they are, but really working to make themselves a better person. There are going to be some things from your childhood, growing up or habits growing up that you're going to have to get rid of. It's key to know where those things come from so that you can adjust. Relationships are are all about give and take on both sides."

  5. balance

    "Arguing requires two people. A great method to keeping the peace is to know that when one person argues, the other can't. Controlling the moment will always allow for piece of mind and a happy matrimony." 

  6. do you

    "This is YOUR day! It should be what you want it to be. Don’t try to make everyone else around you happy or try to accommodate everyone, you simply can't. Remember that this is a day to be all about you and your signifigant other."

  7. go where you want

    "If you and your boo want a destination wedding at some far away location, then do it! And if family and friends genuinely want to be there, then they will save their money and be there...period! And if not, oh well...they’ll see the beautiful pics!"

  8. dress shopping

    "Wear whatever you want, this is your big day. Don’t let your friends tell you how much they hate every dress you try on, being comfortable and confident will result in you looking beautiful no matter the dress!"

  9. bridezillas not allowed

    "Don’t be a Bridezilla. Be kind and gracious to everyone who you have helping you with your planning, it takes a lot of time and energy to help others, so be grateful! You don’t want folks walking away with the only memory of you as being an absolute diva or rolling their eyes when you walk down the aisle because you were such a nightmare to work with!"

  10. enjoy the big day

    "Most importantly enjoy YOUR day!!! Don’t let family, friends or HATERS (that’s right - I said haters, because you’d be surprised how many bitter people show their true colors when something amazing is happening for you, and not for themselves!!) stress you out or ruin your life long memories!"

  11. common interest

    "Make sure you're in a relationship that is grounded in something bigger than the both of you. Whether that be religion/faith, family or something that you both find common interest in. Should you ever lose sight of love, that can always bring you back."

Written by BET Staff

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