Margaret Cho: Grammy-Nominated Singer?

Margaret Cho: Grammy-Nominated Singer?

Comedienne Margaret Cho stops by The Mo'Nique Show.

PUBLISHED ON : DECEMBER 11, 2017 / 01:55 PM

Best known for sharing her comedic gift doing stand-up over the past two decades, Margaret Cho has also made us laugh as a dancer on Dancing With the Stars, an actress on Drop Dead Diva and now as a singer with her Grammy-nominated album, Cho Dependent. This hilarious collection of beats and rhymes features memorable guest spots by Fiona Apple, Andrew Bird, Grant Lee Phillips, Tegan & Sarah and Ben Lee, to name a few. After dropping a few lines from her song "Gimme Your Seed" recently on The Mo'Nique Show, the San Francisco native shows that she doesn't take singing as a total joke.

“I was inspired to make beautiful music with a comic edge," Cho explains on her official website. "Growing up, music was an escape, but also something I was always curious about as an art form. I had a decent amount of musical ability, but also have great musician friends who were very willing to help me. I took this very seriously, taking vocal and guitar lessons while I was touring. I was very devoted to learning and understanding how I could accompany myself.”

Sounds like Margaret might be coming for Beyoncé's crown. Stay tuned.

Written by Adell Henderson


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