7 Things All Black College Students Appreciate

7 Things All Black College Students Appreciate

7 Things All Black College Students Appreciate

Thank you for Wing Wednesday. Amen.

Published January 11, 2017

  1. AAS Classes

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    African-American Studies taught us about our literature and history, gave us a sense of understanding and gave us the ability to #staywoke.

  2. Financial Resources

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    Undeniably, there were resources available to help people of color specifically, including grants, scholarships, work study and educational funds. When it came to our education, you name it, we finessed it. 

  3. Black Barbers and Hairdressers

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    No matter the distance, there was always a part of the hood or a dorm room that provided the hair care you needed. Black barbers and hairdressers that actually knew how to line you up and get you a neat closure were imperative. 


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    There was always a group of people that you could feel comfortable around who were like-minded and understood where you came from. 

  5. BGLOs

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    They’re the ones that handled forums we could relate to, threw parties with music we listened to and had events we always wanted to go to. We couldn’t imagine college without the Divine 9 holding it down. 

  6. Homecoming and Tailgates

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    Do we even have to write it out for you? You know what it was. Everything was lit!

  7. Home-cooked Meals

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    When you find someone or some place that knows how to make authentic, home-cooked meals. We’re talking oxtails, collard greens, mac 'n’ cheese, fried chicken and cornbread. Nothing beats this feeling!!! #OMG

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