Host Robin Thede Talks Beyonce, Why We’re Still Talking About Race And President Trump

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Host Robin Thede Talks Beyonce, Why We’re Still Talking About Race And President Trump

The new late night host isn’t pulling any punches or puns.

Published October 5, 2017

On Monday, October 2, 2017, during an interview on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, history-making comedic actress and now host Robin Thede talked about what we all could expect from her new late night show, The Rundown With Robin Thede.

Thede explained that the show is: "the convergence of politics and pop culture and I think Black people enter that space a lot."

Known for making history as the first African-American female late night head writer for The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore and the first African-American female head writer to lead the charge for the 2016 White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Thede's accomplishments are genetic. Noah released a not-so-well-known tidbit that Thede's mom, Phyllis Thede, is the first African-American women to be voted as State Representative for the 93rd District in Iowa. "Is this, like, a competition you guys have?” Noah jested. Thede recalls a humorous moment when she and her mom did indeed have a friendly competition. "So I sent her a picture of me and President Obama at the correspondents' dinner and she texted me back and she says: 'That's great, I'm also with the president.' She's literally at a fundraiser with Tony Goldwin, the president from Scandal. She was not impressed. There's just an on-going competition between she and I."

When asked why the show will cover topics like race, Thede emphatically responded: "Because the president called Colin Kaepernick a son of a b***h, and we can't help but not talk about race."

The host lit up when Noah noted that there won't be any guests on the show, but asked whom she'd pick as her front runner guest. "Beyonce... why would I think about that? Beyonce, no question,” Thede said.

Expect the show (premiering on October 12 at 11P/10C) to encompass the many facets of who we are as African-Americans, melding both our ratchet and righteous characteristics together for late-night laughs and wake-up calls.

To watch the full Daily Show interview with Robin Thede click here.

Written by BET Staff


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