These Critics Had A Lot To Say About Robin!

These Critics Had A Lot To Say About Robin!

Robin is too humble to report on praise and headlines she's earned, so we do it for her.

Published December 18th

Has it really only been three months since Robin strutted her way onto the center stage of late night? In what seems like no time at all, our dynamic host has been making serious waves in the late night television comedy scene. For as much as she's able to cover in just 30 minutes per week (although The Randown Podcast keeps the conversation going!), Robin has been too humble to report on praise and headlines she's earned. It's all good, though - we have no problem doing it for her.

Here are just a few of the many headlines Robin has made since The Rundown first aired:

  1. Vox

    “When [Robin] nail[s] a punchline, […] the visible thrill [she] gets from the response is infectious. Even as she tells jokes wearing an impeccable green velvet suit, her delivery is loose and casual, like she’s pouring you a drink and catching you up on the craziest s**t you missed that week.” - Caroline Framke

  2. AV Club

    “Robin Thede's stunning debut in the late-night scene makes The Rundown worth watching”

    And even the infamous body rolls gets a shoutout:

    “Seriously, Robin Thede might be my new late-night crush based on her dance moves alone.” - Ashley Ray-Harris

  3. Vanity Fair

    “In an increasingly crowded late-night field, Thede’s program is already a standout.” - Laura Bradley

  4. New York Times

    “On ‘The Rundown,’ Robin Thede Is Filling a Void in Late-Night Talk” - Dave Itzkoff

  5. Entertainment Tonight

    “Why Robin Thede’s Perspective on Late-Night Is Needed by More Than Black Women” - Shameika Rhymes‍

  6. The Hollywood Reporter

    And the most recent accolade: being placed on The Hollywood Reporter's 10 Best Shows of 2017 list:

    “In a sphere that's packed with standouts, it took less than three months for The Rundown to become my most anticipated late-night show on a weekly basis.” - Daniel Fienberg

    Be sure to tune in to The Rundown With Robin Thede every Thursday at 11P/10C on BET to continue to watch Robin flourish!

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Leon Bennett/Getty Images for BET)


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