Vindicated : Thomas Haynesworth

Jarratt, VA, Greensville Correctional Center--Thomas Haynesworth: Haynesworth, convicted in a series of attacks on women, has been cleared by DNA in one attack. A serial rapist was the true attacker. He claims innocence but he's convicted of other crimes that have no DNA to test. (Photo--Jay Paul for The Washington Post via Getty Images).

Vindicated : Thomas Haynesworth

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UPDATED ON : JULY 11, 2014 / 02:58 PM

Five women were viciously attacked in an area of East Richmond, Virginia, close to Richmond, from January to February 1984. While walking near a market on February 5, 2014, one woman who was attacked on January 27, 1984, identified an eighteen-year-old Thomas Haynesworth as her attacker. 

Haynesworth went through four separate trials for each of the rape cases, with the fifth being dismissed. In 2009, Haynesworth enlisted the help of The Innocence Project, which performed DNA testing for his ultimate exoneration. 

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(Photo: Jay Paul for The Washington Post via Getty Images).

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