'Zoe Ever After' Cast & Info

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Cast & Info

Brandy Norwood

Zoe Moon

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Brandy stars as newly single mom Zoe Moon, who's embarking on a newly fabulous life as the head of a rising cosmetics company — think of her as the Diddy of cosmetics. Zoe's got a lot on her plate, but she'll remain pretty while juggling it all.

Dorian Missick

Gemini Moon

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Missick plays the role of boxing champion and Zoe's soon-to-be ex husband Gemini Moon. Although his cheating ways are the reason why he and Zoe are divorcing, Gemini still believes he can knock her off of her feet and win her back.

Jaylon Gordon

Xavier Moon

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Gordon plays Zoe and Gemini's charismatic son, who is a ladies man just like his pops. An extremely bright, sensitive and caring kid, Xavier just wants to know his mom will be alright.

Tory Devon Smith


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Smart. Sassy. Valenté is Zoe's No. 1 man, but some call him her assistant.

Haneefah Wood


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Give a twirl, Pearl! She's Zoe's determined publicist who has a six-month plan to get married. Honesty is Pearl's best policy and she always has Zoe's best interest at heart.

Ignacio Serrichio


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Miguel's the hunky contractor who's commissioned to fix Zoe's building — and her life in the process. Could Miguel be Zoe's next project?