Would You Buy Underwear From Game?


Would You Buy Underwear From Game?

D**k print not included.

Published April 28, 2016

Who can forget last year, when Game unleashed his penis print on an unsuspecting public by posting a very NSFW picture to his Instagram? An unexpected benefit for the rapper (besides the bragging rights) is that he scored an underwear deal out of it.

Sales of Ethika, Game's undies of choice, soared after the free advertising, and the company invited the rapper to work with them on a new line of briefs. Interestingly, the deal isn't just good news for Game's thirsty fans, but for his charity, The Robin Hood Project, as well: for every pair of underwear sold from the collection, Ethika will donate a pair to a homeless shelter.

Game also promised paying customers a very special surprise for each pair bought. We have no idea what that could be, but it sounds like, in this deal, everybody wins.

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photo: The Game via Instagram)


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