Want to Spy on Your Vagina? Well, There’s an App for That

(Photo: Tim Robberts/Getty Images)

Want to Spy on Your Vagina? Well, There’s an App for That

Labella makes sure everything’s A-OK down there.

Published May 19, 2016

Curious as to what is going on with your private parts? Really into taking selfies? Well, ladies, there’s an app that allows you to combine both worlds. 

Enter: Labella

Created by a team of graduate students from Newcastle University in the United Kingdom, this app will let you see what’s poppin’ with your external genitalia along with helping you identify all the nooks and crannies down there such as your vagina, vulva, anus and perineum.

According to Glamour, Labella uses 3-D software installed in hi-tech panties with special markers that will send images to your smart phone. App developer and researcher Teresa Almeida recently told Mic, “The underwear is a middle ground, an everyday accessory, that we use as a way to ‘make strange less strange.’”

And “strange” can be the perfect word for some of us when it comes to our vajayjay.

Think: When was the last time you really got a good look down there? If you answered “a minute,” you are not alone. According to a 2014 study, 50 percent of women age 26 to 35 couldn't point to the vagina on an anatomical image.

Clearly, we need more sexual health education, and perhaps Labella can help bridge that gap and reduce the shame we have for our bodies.

“The goal is to develop the app further so it's available [to help explore] external anatomy and pelvic fitness, as it is now, but also to expand to diverse areas of women's health like periods, female genital mutilation, cervical [screenings] contraception [and more],” Almeida added.

See? Vaginas don't have to be so scary anymore. But before you and your privates celebrate, you can’t buy the app quite yet. But hopefully it will be available soon.

Learn more about Labella here.

Written by By Kellee Terrell

(Photo: Tim Robberts/Getty Images)


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