Boy, Bye: North Carolina School District Wants to Ban Skinny Jeans

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Boy, Bye: North Carolina School District Wants to Ban Skinny Jeans

Administration believes this will prevent "bigger girls" from being bullied.

Published May 23, 2016

Add this one to the “makes absolutely no sense” news file.

A school district in North Carolina is considering banning students from wearing skinny jeans because they believe this will cut down on bullying, especially those who are plus-size.

Yeah, they are really trying it.

According to, officials from New Hanover County say that this proposed rule was due to the fact that “bigger girls” were being bullied over tight jeans. In addition, they want to ban leggings or other "excessively" tight-fitting pants unless they are covered by a top or dress that falls below the wearer's bottom.

Interesting how this disproportionately affects female students. And it’s sad that the school believes that the best way to address bullying isn’t to teach empathy and kindness, but to cover up and shame young women for not being a size 6.

Many students and parents are not feeling this at all and are questioning the motives of the school and why their efforts should be on educating students, instead of the bodies. One student tweeted: “What am I supposed to wear to school??? a curtain????”

We feel you, girl.

Between the state’s archaic bathroom bill and this… North Carolina, we really need you to come get your life. 


Written by Kellee Terrell

(Photo: PeoplesImages/Getty Images)


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