Pro Tip: Keep Your Nasty Opinions About Other People’s Kids to Yourself

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Pro Tip: Keep Your Nasty Opinions About Other People’s Kids to Yourself

Solange Knowles and other celeb moms aren’t here for the trolling.

Published May 26, 2016

When you mess with the Knowles women, you are messing with the wrong ones.

This is a lesson that one fan learned the hard way when they thought it was a good idea to come for Solange Knowles’s son Daniel  J. "Julez" Smith Jr.

Recently, the singer, DJ and fashion muse posted a video of her son giving a speech at his fifth grade graduation entirely in French. Ooh la la.

Now, one would think that encouraging Black children to be well rounded and bilingual would be applauded by our community. But that isn’t always the case.

One “fan” wrote in the comments section, “What was the point of him learning and speaking French? Is French going to get him into heaven? Is French in his history? Is he French? Guide him to study African history, culture, language etc. and The Bible! His history! That’s what is important.”

She went on to say, “Stop raising our black little boys to be Euro men.”

Girl, you sound like a fool. For starters, learning a different language doesn’t mean you are not learning about your own Black heritage. Both can happen at the same time. Not to mention, Black people all around the world, including Africa, speak French. And why are you worried about what a fifth grader is doing to get into heaven? Worry about yourself.

Thankfully, in true Solange fashion, she let this character have it.

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“It would literally be too long a post to respond here. We’d have to get into euro standards of how we are both wearing our hair (girl, I love a good weave and blue eye shadow too," answered Solange.

"But what I will say is one of the key factors in making a decision on whether to embark on the French Immersion journey, was actually made with the hopes of him being able to travel to many countries in Africa and connect, experience and learn. He has since been able to use that line of communication in Senegal, Rwanda and Morocco…" she added.


Soon after, his grandmother Tina Knowles Lawson jumped in with her wise reasoning, “God just gave me the message to not comment or pay attention to one negative person when there’s so [many] overwhelmingly positive, beautiful, loving comments on here.

“We must learn to not give negativity any rhythm and just give it the attention it deserves and that’s NONE,” she concluded.

And Mama does have a point: There are times when it’s just best to ignore the stupidity. But when it comes to your kid, an innocent child, brushing your shoulders off isn’t easy, especially when the comments question your parenting and your Blackness.

Sadly, this is type of brazen online bullying is a trend. Just ask La La Anthony, Beyoncé, Jada Pinkett SmithChristina Milian and Tia Mowry-Hardrict, who have all had to clap back after seeing their precious babies raked over the internet coals by cowardly, grown adults who should know better. Yes, we all have opinions, but what could you possibly get out of typing in the comments section that a toddler is “ugly” or “nappy headed?” Or being so self-righteous to question someone’s parenting skills?  

What do your kids look like? What does their hair look like? How well are they doing in school? That’s exactly what I thought.

I have no idea what happened to us, but it’s clear that the second the internet provided us with comment sections, too many of us have lost our collective minds. The mean got meaner, the jealous got more consumed with envy, common folks want their 15 minutes of fame and everyone with an opinion has the false idea that what they think actually matters or that someone wants to hear it.

No one cares. No one is here for it. Leave the babies alone, log off and get a life, in that order. Thanks.

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Written by By Kellee Terrell

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