Need Relationship Advice? There’s an App for That

Need Relationship Advice? There’s An App For That

Need Relationship Advice? There’s an App for That

Relationup lets you text a mental health professional for a tiny cost.

Published June 3, 2016

Need someone to talk to after you and your girl got in a huge fight at 3 a.m.? Need an impartial voice to help you decide whether to text your ex back?

Well, there is now an app for that too.

Thanks to Relationup, you can get real-time love advice for a fraction of what it would cost to sit on a therapist’s couch. With a network of licensed mental health professionals at your fingertips willing to dole out advice on demand, the app allows you to text about your problems for free for the first 20 minutes. If you need more time, you can get 15 more minutes for $12, says Glamour.

What’s also really interesting is that its creators understand that like everything else in life, advice doesn’t have a one size fits all mentality. Users are in control by being able to match with a professional that best fits their needs. They can also read reviews, see ratings and scour over potential therapists’ bios in order to make a trusted choice.

Even better: If you’re not vibing with your virtual adviser, you can throw those deuces and find someone else. Oh, and if you're all about privacy, you can sign in anonymously, which can help some folks feel more comfortable to be more honest about their situation.

For Roundup’s creator, Rhonda Milrad, a Beverly Hills-based social worker, this app will allow for anyone to have 24/7 access to a professional without breaking the bank.

“I really wanted to take away the formalities and barriers that stop people from getting help. You don't have to have this long-term relationship with one person every week. This is so much less expensive than regular therapy and provides instantaneous help. In my practice, I was really interested in doing that too," Milrad told Bustle last year.

Granted, Relationup doesn’t take the place of an actual therapist nor will it solve your serious relationship problems overnight, but this virtual support system can definitely help with short-term drama that’s got you really needing sound and level-headed advice.

And when it comes to love, who doesn’t need that?

Written by Kellee Terrell

(Photo: Westend61/Getty Images)


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