Finally! Angela Bassett's Flawless Skin Can Now Be Yours

HOLLYWOOD, CA - MARCH 01:  Actress Angela Bassett arrives at the premiere of Focus Features' 'London Has Fallen' at ArcLight Cinemas Cinerama Dome on March 1, 2016 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

Finally! Angela Bassett's Flawless Skin Can Now Be Yours

Superior genes not required.

Published June 23, 2016

Angela Bassett has found the fountain of youth. Wouldn't it be great it she would pour some of whatever keeps her looking so ageless into a bottle and sell it to the rest of us? Well, today's our lucky day, because that's pretty much exactly what she's doing.

She has teamed up with Dr. Barbara Strum, a friend and well-known skincare expert, to launch a collection of products that specifically caters to women with darker complexions.

Bassett, who has admitted to having skin issues herself (really? where?), wanted to create a product to fight acne and treat breakouts. It was only then that she realized that the options for darker-skinned women were virtually non-existent. So she extended her line and, after two years of research and development, Darker Skin Tones by Dr. Barbara Strum is ready for your medicine cabinet.

DARKER SKIN TONES - INGREDIENTS PART I In choosing ingredients , we first surveyed the landscape of general skin care options . We were dismayed to f ind even the super luxury category was characterized by any and all of : • the use of aggressive- to- the-skin ingredients like mineral oils , artificial fragrances, phthalates, and parabens; • absurd claims of miracle benefits from disparate elements such as foreign sea water, obscure plants on mountain tops , silicate minerals like tourmaline or malachite, stones like diamonds and metals like platinum and gold – all lacking any observed medicinal properties ( indeed, gold was named the “allergen of the year” by the American Contact Dermatitis Society) ; • use of animal and other non human stem cells such as those from apples or fish that would have no beneficial effect on humans; • use of supposed “growth factors” of unknown origin; and • the absence of medical or clinical study of ingredients to support product claims . Then I began to formulate and Angela Bassett began to test our line for skin of color. Our premise was simple: less is more. #DarkerSkinTones will be available at Harrods from July 2016. #STURMxBASSETT #ForLivingSkin #DrBarbaraSturm #AngelaBassett

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THE SCIENCE BEHIND #DARKERSKINTONES. A joint venture with Angela Bassett. PART II "I began to formulate and Angela began to test our line for skin of color. Our premise was simple: less is more. We wanted fewer ingredients, as little preservative as possible to maintain stability, and no harmful ingredients whatsoever (that could irritate skin that is already prone to inflammation). And above all, we sought to deploy powerful natural ingredients that had been shown in clinical trials to have potent an ti-inflammatory, antioxidant, skin tone evening and wound healing properties and could help skin both visually and at the cellular level." #STURMxBASSETT #DrBarbaraSturm #AngelaBassett

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The line will include five individual items aimed to reduce inflammation, even tones, minimize pores and reduce hyperpigmentation. Each item will also include the ingredient purslane, which works as an anti-aging agent (or could just be drops of Essence of Angela).

The prices will range from $58 to $335 and will launch at Harrods in-store and online in July. 

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)


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