Beyoncé's Colorist Reveals Just How Far She Goes for Perfect Hair

Beyonce's Colorist Reveals Just How Far She Goes for Perfect Hair

Beyoncé's Colorist Reveals Just How Far She Goes for Perfect Hair

Don't try this at home.

Published July 15, 2016

Beyoncé rarely has a hair out of place, even when she's whirling around on stage, and now we know why.

The pop icon's colorist Rita Hazan, who is also responsible for turning Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez into golden goddesses, shares her tips on achieving the perfect hue.

“Use celebrities as inspiration, but do something that’s right for your lifestyle," Hazan advises. "With Beyoncé, the placement of her highlights is very important to me, so I do homework. I go to her concerts and I watch how her hair moves in the wind! But it’s important that your hair color be customized to you. Look for images of women who has the same skin tone and eye color as you so that you’re confident the color will work.”

To maintain a healthy mane between treatments, she says, it's all about the products. “The number one question people were asking me was, ‘What could we use in between appointments to maintain my color?’ I suggest using shampoos and conditioners that have been created specifically for color-treated hair. They should be hydrating, sulfate-free and have UV protection," she says, adding, "I’ve always given my clients homework, which is to condition their hair overnight twice a week either with a mask or an oil. Even J.Lo has gotten into the habit of doing treatments.”

Lastly, Hazan says, to get that truly always-on-fleek look, it comes down to seeing your colorist often. “I see every one of my clients once a month, if not more. Beyoncé likes to change it up constantly! But if you’re not onstage like her, you can go a bit longer between touch-ups."

Not all of us have the time or money to do that, but it's fun to imagine what we could look like if we did! 

Written by Evelyn Diaz

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