Take ‘Netflix and Chill’ to the Next Level With ‘Flixtape’

Take ‘Netflix And Chill’ To The Next Level With ‘Flixtape’

Take ‘Netflix and Chill’ to the Next Level With ‘Flixtape’

You can now create a playlist of your favorite TV shows and movies. Want to see our list?

Published July 27, 2016

Are you old enough to remember mixtapes? No, OK then what about burned CDs? Playlists then? Cool. Now, thanks to Netflix, you can do exactly the same with your favorite television shows and movies.

Enter Flixtape: A new addition to the streaming service that allows you to create custom playlists that you, Bae and your BFF can enjoy.

According to the instructions, the first step is you have to create a pretty LIT title for your mix. Next, take your time and carefully curate your list to make sure it's perfect. For example, if our list was dubbed “#BlackGirlMagic,” it would consist of the following:

·      Orange Is the New Black

·      Being Mary Jane

·      How to Get Away With Murder

·      A Different World

·      Difret

·      Mississippi Damned

·      Beyond the Lights

·      Little White Lie

·      Middle of Nowhere

·      The Gabby Douglass Story

Pretty easy, huh?

Now once you're done, the final step is simple: Just share it with your loved ones!

What would be on your first playlist?


Written by Kellee Terrell

(Photo: Hero Images/Getty Images)


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