The Internet Reacts to the Instagram vs. Snapchat Feud

(Photos from left: Instagram, Snapchat)

The Internet Reacts to the Instagram vs. Snapchat Feud

WYD Instagram?

Published August 3, 2016

Yesterday, Instagram launched a “Stories” feature which mimics the exact purpose of Snapchat as a platform and the internet responded as it does, with hilarious commentary on the possible feud between our most loved social media outlets. We’ve rounded up the best reactions. 

1. Wait, isn’t that?? So it’s the EXACT same?

2. Like a boss.

How Snapchat feels about Instagram. 😳😂 (Tag a snap-chatter) w/ @itslourdesgonzalez @amandacerny

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3. The battle is on.

4. Poor Melania. This is never going to blow over. 

5. Scammed you. Iconic. 

6. Ooooh, too soon?

7. Future will always be the original Snapchat.

Here y'all go 😩😩😩 !! #Petty View previous post

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8. Instagram doesn't care, though. They're still making moves. 

#PressPlay : #InstagramStories vs #SnapchatStories 😩😂😂 @blameitonkway

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9. Fouled for real. 

😂😂 How's everybody feeling about this new InstaSnap?

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Written by Brianna Holt

(Photos from left: Instagram, Snapchat)


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