Yikes: Blac Chyna's Nail Salon Facial Causes Insane Breakout

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Yikes: Blac Chyna's Nail Salon Facial Causes Insane Breakout

The pregnant Kardashian-to-be is distressed after a beauty treatment gone wrong.

Published August 8, 2016

Blac Chyna is a beauty entrepreneur, so we gotta wonder what Rob Kardashian's fiancée was thinking when she decided to get a facial at a nail salon.

Unfortunately, the results were pretty drastic, and we're not talking about that post-treatment glow. Chyna found herself in a situation many of us are familar with — the horror of a beauty procedure gone wrong — and decided to share the results on Snapchat.

Though Chyna has since deleted the Snap story, the internet never forgets:

Trust us: the images you don't see are even worse.

As for why on earth someone with all the resources of the future Mrs. Kardashian would tack a facial onto the end of her pedicure, Chyna offers this as an explanation: "I just can't do facials no more, and the crazy thing is I never get facials but I just wanted somebody just to touch my face,” she said. “I just wanted my face touched. Next time I'ma [sic] touch my own damn face.”

We would like to take this opportunity to personally advise that one should stick to skin care experts exclusively for facials. You wouldn't send an NBA player to the World Series and you should think of your beauty treatments the same way. Extracting cuticles and extractions are very different ball games. 

Anyway, hopefully Chyna's skin is back on it's way to flawless and her fiancé is on hand the next time she has a craving for her face to be touched.

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photo: SPW / Splash News)


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