Are Younger Millennials Having Less Sex Than Past Generations?

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Are Younger Millennials Having Less Sex Than Past Generations?

A new study unveils some interesting data about just who’s DTF.

Published August 9, 2016

Sex is everywhere — television, ads, music videos, social media and video games — but younger folks are having less of it. Well, sort of. 

recent study found that younger Millennials — specifically those born in the 1990s — are more than twice as likely to not have sex in their early 20s compared to the previous generation. This demographic has had the fewest partners since the 1960s — an average of eight, compared with 11 for Baby Boomers and 10 for Generation X.

Oh, and did we mention that 15 percent of 20-24-year-olds surveyed said they haven’t had sex since turning 18?

So what’s really going on?

Well here’s the deal: Research like this doesn’t really explain the why, it only gives you the what. But since these findings emerged, experts have begun speculating as to the reasons for such a dramatic shift. What they’ve found is:

Screen time has replaced sex:

With smart phones, video games and the internet, some experts worry that younger folks would rather be engaged with technology than actual people. Not to mention, pornography is so easily accessible that for some it might be taking the place of actual intimacy, the Washington Post noted.

Young folks are focusing more on careers:

Some believe that perhaps millennials would rather focus on their careers instead of sex, relationships and getting married, says The Business Insider. But to us, sex (safe sex) and walking down the aisle are not like peanut butter and jelly, aka they do not have to go together.  

Online dating has changed the game:

Before Tinder, there was a time where people met in person, but that has changed, certainly for the Millennial generation. With so many options to date online, dating seems to be less about someone’s personality and more about how good they look. And for the average looking, that could mean less hook-ups. Hey, it’s a theory.

Millennials are choosier:

Another theory is that with so many options out there, Millennials are more cautious about who they get with. Dating is a dangerous game and perhaps they don’t want to make the same mistakes their parents did, an expert told Business Insider.

In the end, this research doesn’t mean that people in their 20s aren’t out there getting it in, because they most definitely are, just at a different pace than previous generations. And regardless of the science and the chatter, here’s what we do know: when it comes to sex, the choice should always be yours.

Written by Kellee Terrell

(Photo: kupicoo/Getty Images)


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