Guess What Tamar Braxton Swears Regrew Her Edges

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Guess What Tamar Braxton Swears Regrew Her Edges

Here’s how to cope in case yours recently got snatched.

Published August 9, 2016

The relationship that many Black women have with their edges is a tricky and sensitive one. We love them when they are thick, hate them when they’re thin and ultimately, need them to look human.

Thanks to braiding, weaves, wigs and even giving birth, constantly putting stress our our hairline, those edges can really go through it. A plight to which reality star and talk show host Tamar Braxton can totally relate. After she gave birth to her son in 2013, folks on social media blasted her for her receding hairline.

In a recent interview, Braxton talked about what helped bring her edges back to life.

“The number-one thing I use is S.H.O. (Simplicity Hair Oil) products and I swear by them because that’s what got my edges to grow back,” she recently told Hype Hair.

“I swear by it and I use it myself and it’s probably the most amazing thing on the market,” Braxton added.

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Haven’t heard of S.H.O.?

Well according to the company’s website, they use all natural ingredients for their hair care line, which caters to people with slow growing and dry hair. They carry everything from a Blueberry Sage shampoo to an array of oil blends that will wake up your follicles for a price range of $23-$64.

And while this oil may be one great way to get that hairline on point, may we also suggest:

  • Massage Your Scalp: Whether it’s coconut oil or black Castor oil, rubbing your temples and other bald spots can help revive those damaged follicles.

  • Chill on the Tight Braids: Braids that are too tight can be too much for our delicate hairlines, causing traction alopecia and hair loss.

  • Up Your Vitamin Game: Getting in more nutrients, especially vitamins with high levels of biotin, is a great way to kick in hair growth from the inside out.

  • Loosen Up: Super tight buns and ponytails also put a lot of stress on your edges, so try to rock protective styles that reduce all that tension.

  • Take a Break From Weaves and Wigs: Your scalp needs oxygen to thrive and grow. Plus, the pulling from wig caps and weaves aren’t doing us any favors either. So give yourself a break.

Ladies, how do you preserve your edges?

Written by Kellee Terrell

(Photo: Felipe Ramales / Splash News)


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