9 Tips for Traveling With Bae

9 Tips For Traveling With Bae

9 Tips for Traveling With Bae

How to tighten up your joint travel game.

Published August 10, 2016

From long stretches of togetherness to unpredictable illnesses, traveling together is rife with moments that can teach you a lot about your relationship. So before you take off for your last night in paradise, here are some tips for making sure your bae-cation is amazing.

Start Small
Don’t head out on a three-country tour on your first trip. Try a weekend stay in a nearby city to see if you can stand each other away from your normal routine.

Pick Somewhere You Both Want to Go
You will have more fun if you both want to be there. Make individual lists of places you want to go, then cross-reference them for locations you have in common.

Consider Your Budget
Plan a trip you can both comfortably afford and split costs fairly. If one of you wants to go luxe and the other can’t afford it, then that person must to be willing to pay more for that experience.

Play to Your Strengths
Are you great with directions and booking hotels while he is the best at negotiating for upgrades and chatting up locals for restaurant recommendations? Stay in your own lanes for a smooth experience.

Be Easy
Look, traveling is stressful. It wouldn’t be right if there weren’t flight delays and long security lines and crazy Uber drivers. Be flexible, remember that you are a team and work together to keep the mood fun and light.

Don’t Overstuff Your Days
Don’t be that person who is exhausted after her vacation. Plan just one or two big excursions per day — yes, a trip to your bed for a nap counts.

Get Out of Bed
Relax, but make sure not to sleep the entire time — you can do that at home. See some of your chosen locale while you can.

Plan activities that each of you will enjoy. If he can’t visit a city without visiting an art museum but you want to hit the shopping scene, don’t yuck his yum. Either suck it up and go with him or mutually decide to split up for a couple hours and do your own thing. Just because you’re traveling together doesn’t mean you have to be joined at the hip.

Be Romantic
Even if romance is not your everyday thing, plan at least one activity — candlelight dinner, a tango lesson — that you wouldn’t do with your girls or if you were traveling alone. You’ll relish the memory.

Written by Kenrya Rankin

(Photo: Hero Images/Getty Images)


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