Here's What Kanye West Has to Say About the Yeezy Season 4 Criticism

Kanye saves the day at his fashion show after standing backstage watching the show he noticed a model slipping and barely walking in her shoes. Kanye noticed her heel broken and ran to carry her off the runway himself. Meanwhile another model was carried off at the same time.
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Here's What Kanye West Has to Say About the Yeezy Season 4 Criticism

The MC just wants you to do one thing.

Published September 10, 2016

Folks have been sharing their opinions on Kanye West's newest fashion collection, Yeezy Season 4. With the public's reviews being not as overwhelmingly positive as 'Ye may have wanted, the MC used the Washington DC stop of his Saint Pablo Tour to vent about the criticism the collection's received. 

"Today, I need to hear these songs," he said, via Complex. "I needed to rehear the lyrics that I was saying or what I was feeling when I wrote these songs and had to overcome these certain controversies and whatever happens in life."

That wasn't all. After performing a bit of "Black Skinhead," he added, "I feel like the Cavs last year when Kyrie got hurt. Y'all know what I'm talking about. I am talking about the fashion show yesterday. I want y'all to look at it with your eyes and not with your ears."

Of course, his response would not be complete without one of his classic Twitter rants. See what else he had to say on the matter, below:

Gotta love Kanye.

See what else he is up to in the BET Breaks video, above.

Written by Moriba Cummings

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