#Trending: The Steal Your Man Slide

#Trending: The Steal Your Man Slide

Nick Banks, aka Mr_Bankshot, hilariously teaches you how to be scandalous.

Published September 13, 2016

When the wedding dance floor classic the Cha-Cha slide is starting to feel tired for you, it's time for a remix. Enter: the Steal Your Man Slide


Created by comedian Nick Banks (aka Mr_Bankshot), the song borrows melodies from the Cha-Cha slide but the mentality of Joanne the Scammer and gives clear and hilarious instructions on how to steal another girl's man.

Dressed in a blonde wig with two female background dancers, Banks starts off, “This is what you do, when you the single bitch in your crew and trying to get a man.” He continues, “This time we about to get sloppy… go and steal somebody man… steal, steal, steal, steal a man.”


In order to be successful in the “Steal Your Man” plan, he suggests: Make a mess on text, screen shot it and blackmail him and call him late at all hours, so his girl will dump him. Most important, he says, “don’t be no chump” and “do whatever you want.”

Noted. It is the start of cuffing season. 

Written by Kellee Terrell

(Photo: Banks Boys Productions)


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