How to Slay: Shattered Glass Nails

How to Slay: Shattered Glass Nails

Watch find out the secret to nailing this trend.

Published September 2, 2016

We're all about researching the latest fashion and beauty trends, so we decided to ask ourselves what happens when you combine a glass and negative space manicure? If you're confused about what any of these words mean, don't worry. Peep the above video to see the shattered glass effect, which is our latest favorite in the nail technology realm. The design has become super popular on Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest and more, leaving women wondering how to get the coveted claws.

Associate editor Jazmine Ortiz, who linked up with NYC nail artist Arielle Mosses (@ariellelailani) to learn some trade secrets on how to slay shattered nails, shares her journey from nail minimalist to nail enthusiast. So what exactly is the secret to nailing the trend? Watch and find out!

If you've tried the trend and have some secrets of your own to share, drop a comment below. And stay tuned for next month’s How to Slay.

Written by BET Staff


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