Shea Moisture Wants You to Know That ALL Hair Is Good Hair

(Photo: Shea Moisture)

Shea Moisture Wants You to Know That ALL Hair Is Good Hair

Their new campaign stresses that there no such thing as "normal" hair.

Published September 19, 2016

Shea Moisture has been at the forefront of celebrating the diversity of our hair for a minute. Remember their powerful #BreakTheWalls commercial? The company’s newest campaign follows in that same tradition. 

Their “What's Normal?” initiative pushes back against the industry’s limited standard of beauty, all by normalizing what grows out of our heads. The campaign includes a 60-second short film, a 30-second spot, their Good Hair custom hair recognition tool and behind-the-scenes and interview footage.

Richelieu Dennis, founder and CEO of Sundial Brands (who owns Shea Moisture), shed some light on their message and how unattainable beauty standards affects women of color.

“With our first iteration, we showed the physical walls coming down. With ‘What’s Normal?’ we are confronting the mental walls that encourage us to force-fit ourselves and others into falsely constructed beauty and ‘good hair’ ideals,” Dennis said.

He added, “By questioning the very concept of a normal standard, especially as it applies to beauty and to hair type or texture, we can begin to see how arbitrary, narrow and potentially destructive it is and course-correct ourselves on a path to where everybody gets love. Our forward track must focus on including everyone, embracing everyone, and celebrating the beauty – and normalcy – of everyone’s differences.”

Here’s the powerful short film that features popular vlogger Naptural85, model Kendall Keith and blogger StyledByAle


Here's a behind-the-scenes video as well:

This campaign comes at pivotal time.

From women being discharged from the military to students being suspended from school, it seems that everyday, natural Black hair is under attack for being "abnormal" or "othered." Black women definitely need to hear more affirming messages that our hair is perfect and wonderful as is. 

Thank you, Shea Moisture.

Written by Kellee Terrell

(Photo: Shea Moisture)


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