DIY Yeezy Sock Pumps Are Taking Over Instagram

Yeezy Sock Pumps are a Officially a Thing

DIY Yeezy Sock Pumps Are Taking Over Instagram

Yeezy taught them... sort of.

Published September 21, 2016

Let’s face it, not all of us (most of us, actually) can’t afford Yeezy heels. The boots from Season 2 are available on select sites for almost $700, which is a lot for an item that you aren't sure is worth more than a passing fad. But don’t fret because there’s a new viral video here to help solve that! Fashion blogger Collette Emily has introduced sock boots to the world. Yeah, you heard that right — sock boots, aka  a pump with a sock pulled over it to mimic Kanye West’s and French brand of the moment Vetements' coveted booties. It doesn’t sound as crazy when we put it to you this way, Ye’s shoes run for a cool $895. So maybe covering your pumps with socks and ripping a hole through for the heel, and then hot gluing sandpaper to the bottom of the sock doesn’t seem so crazy anymore. OK, maybe it still does.

Thanks to @thenuvogue for your idea on the DIY on the shoe socks. What y'all think 👍🏼 or 👎🏼

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Here's the Yeezy Season 2 Knit Ankle Boots that the sock pumps are modeled after:

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Watch the clip that went viral on Twitter:

But since Kendall, Kylie and just about all of the ladies of the Kardashian-Jenner-West clan have been spotted in the booties making them a hot commodity, don’t let us stop you from getting your DIY on. Peep the complete tutorial below. 

If you’re going through with this DIY, here are some keys to making sure you don't look like a hot mess:

*Stick to the Yeezy color wheel. Shades like khaki, beige, black and olive will look the closest to the real deal unless you plan to get a little more creative and do your own design. Creativity is not recommended.

*No socks with holes. Just don’t.

*Traction is key. So don’t forget to add sandpaper or traction tread to the bottom of the sock to keep you from slipping around like Amina Blue on the Yeezy Season 4 runway.

*If you want to get fancy, you can paint the bottom the same color as the sock to cover up whatever materials you used for traction. (Note: Ladies, this not an opportunity to create red bottoms.)

Will this ruin Kanye like Twitter seems to think? We’re going with "No" here. 

Written by Jazmine A. Ortiz

(Photos from top: Unlyana via Instagram, Yeezy season 2)


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