9 Fashion 'Rules' to Ignore

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9 Fashion 'Rules' to Ignore

From avoiding white to “coordinating", here are outdated fashion myths to skip.

Published October 4, 2016

Fashion is great but we all know that personal style is what really sets you apart. There are a lot of old school fashion rules in place that might actually limit your creativity Here are several that we think need to be broken. 

Don’t Wear White After Labor Day
Do your white jeans somehow make your ass look worse after the temperature drops? We think not.

Take One Thing Off
Sometimes, more is more — especially with jewelry. Go crazy.

Match Your Bag, Shoes and Belt
Coordinating from head to toe is corny (even when mushroom lining is involved). Wear what you like.


Don’t Mix Prints
We don’t know too many things that look fresher — or more stylish — than pairing polka dots and stripes.

Hide Your Bra Straps
Life is too short to be worried about if your bra straps are showing. And we’ll let you in on a secret — an ultra-confident showing of your bra is sexy as hell.

Sequins Are for Night Time
Ha! Sparkling in the daylight is extra chic.

Don’t Mix Metals
Rose gold, gold, silver — they all look haute together. Why limit yourself?

Horizontal Stripes Make You Look Wider
They might — but who cares? If you like them, wear them.

No Short Shorts After 30

Did your legs magically stop being hot after 30? We didn’t think so. Rock on.

Written by Kenrya Rankin

(Photo: BG007/Bauergriffin.com)


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