Get Your Swirl on With These Interracial Emojis

Get Your Swirl On With These Interracial Emojis

Get Your Swirl on With These Interracial Emojis

“Love-Moji” was inspired by the anticipated film “Loving.”

Published October 5, 2016

We absolutely adore emojis — even more now given the influx of apps geared for folks of color. And now there is one more to add to the mix: Love-Moji.    


Inspired by the anticipated film Loving, Love-Moji allows users in interracial relationships to shine a light on their love. The app, which launched on Tuesday, includes straight and LGBTQ couples with different ethnicities posing with hearts, kissing and holding hands, the Huffington Post noted.

Even better? They are free at the App Store and

And can we say it’s about time? Given the increase of interracial relationships and marriages over the years, this type of visibility and representation matters — even if it's just an emoji. Because all love deserves to be celebrated.


Now, in case you're unaware of why Loving would be connected to interracial relationships, let us give you a brief history lesson.

Prior to 1967, it was illegal in some states — mostly in the South — for people of different races to marry one another. And one couple, Richard and Mildred Loving, wanted to strike down that law by filing a lawsuit, Loving v. Virginia. On a series of appeals, the Supreme Court finally invalidated laws prohibiting interracial marriage making unions like the Lovings perfectly legal.


Interested in seeing this story on the big screen? Loving hits theaters on Nov. 4.

Written by Kellee Terrell



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